Join us for a virtual Lunchtime Tour with The Warehouse staff on Fridays at 12pm (CST). These 30-minute tours explore themes within The Rachofsky Collection and take place via Zoom. Tour topics and dates are below. Registration required.

During spring, Lunchtime Tours will focus on artists who use the language of geometry to explore a variety of sculptural, spatial, and material ideas.

March 12 | 12-12:30pm (CST)
DESTABILIZED OBJECTS: This tour looks at artists like Lygia Clark, Donald Judd, Charlotte Posenenske, and Nobuo Sekine who create a dynamic geometric language that is evidence of a world in flux.
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March 26 | 12-12:30pm (CST)
VULNERABILITY AND SOFTNESS: Through a subtle manipulation of materials, Fernanda Gomes, Eva Rothschild, Richard Tuttle, and Jackie Winsor highlight the physical properties, tension, and time in their chosen media.
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April 9 | 12-12:30pm (CST)
COLOR: Through experimental works in painting and sculpture, Antonio Calderara, Katsumi Nakai, Robert Ryman, and Anne Truitt explore the spatial and expressive effects of color and geometry.
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April 23 | 12-12:30pm (CST)
OPTICS: The work of Mary Corse, Dadamaino, Robert Irwin, Charles Ray, and De Wain Valentine examines the complex dynamics of vision and the viewer’s awareness of their own perception of the object.
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May 14 | 12-12:30pm (CST)
THE EVERYDAY: Playing with the geometry of everyday objects, Alice Channer, Alexandre da Cunha, Aiko Hachisuka, and Elias Sime transform the familiar into the unfamiliar.
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May 28 | 12-12:30pm (CST)
SYSTEMS: Using the language of geometry, Ricci Albenda, Jessica Dickinson, Annette Lawrence, and Cheyney Thompson develop their own visual systems to explore optical, material, and natural phenomena.
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