Tender Objects: Emotion and Sensation after Minimalism

Tender Objects: Emotion and Sensation after Minimalism explores how artworks that adopt minimalist formal strategies can activate a fleeting, even indefinable, emotional response from viewers. While the artworks presented are geographically and chronologically diverse — spanning four continents and five decades — they demonstrate a shared vocabulary of simplified forms and serial operations rooted in postwar international aesthetics that moved beyond the confines of traditional practices of painting and sculpture. For these artists, a minimalist visual vocabulary did not mean erasing a sensitive engagement with the viewers. Their works’ appeal to human experience by provoking psychological and physical engagement. The manifestation of emotions and sensations in the exhibition will be addressed through three themes: temporality, process, and materiality.

Tender Objects: Emotion and Sensation after Minimalism is a collaboration between The Warehouse and the Department of Art History in the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University. Drawing on research and discussions conducted throughout Dr. Anna Lovatt’s Graduate seminar, the students — Olivia Arratia, Gabriela Paiva de Toledo, Jennifer Laffick, R. Arvid Nelsen, Laura Varela, and Madison Whitaker — developed the exhibition concept, the selection and placement of works, the interpretation and publicity materials, and the education and public programs. Artists in the exhibition include Janine Antoni, Mona Hatoum, Seung-Taek Lee, and Giulio Paolini, among others.