Virtual Tours

* Application Deadline: December 3, 2021

Virtual Tours explore the current exhibition—Psychic Wounds: On Art & Trauma— and The Rachofsky Collection and are conducted live via Zoom by an educator from The Warehouse. Select a theme below, and contact Caitlin Overton,, to schedule a virtual tour. Tours are available for middle school, high school, and university students, and museum groups and can be customized to fit the needs of your group in 30 or 50 minute formats.

Tours of the Current Exhibition Psychic Wounds: On Art & Trauma

  • Highlights: Experience the exhibition Psychic Wounds: On Art & Trauma in this overview tour that features artwork from the 1950s to present day
  • Confronting History: Explore a variety of methods artists use to confront and challenge the history, racism, and political power of their culture
  • The Human Body: Look at works by artists who use the body or the human figure to explore psychological and emotional themes
  • Collage: Explore artists who use a variety of 2-D and 3-D approaches to collage and assemblage

Tours of Work from The Rachofsky Collection

  • Foundations: Review the foundations of art—including elements of art and principles of design—through deep looking exercises using contemporary art in The Rachofsky Collection
  • Material Meanings: Look at how contemporary artists use materials like chocolate, human blood, and chewing gum, and how they explore both the conceptual associations and the physical properties of these non-traditional materials
  • Gutai: Examine the avant-garde Japanese art collective Gutai (1954–1972) through a range of work by artists like Kazuo Shiraga, Atsuko Tanaka, and Shuji Mukai